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The Starline brand has been on the European market since 1999. It currently has sales agencies in 17 European countries and is distributed to additional countries. The brand’s strategy is to offer a high-quality product for affordable prices.

Fleet coverage
90 %

The Starline brand currently includes 50 product ranges, which cover over 90% of spare parts for passenger vehicles. The Starline brand also offers spare parts for motorbikes and trucks.

Portfolio scope

The Starline brand has 35,000 items of spare parts, garage equipment and tools in stock, which are delivered to our customers several times a day thanks to advanced logistics.

10 million

Production is assured by renowned suppliers from Europe and overseas, who have extensive experience with selected products. The popularity of this brand continues to grow, which is demonstrated by the 10 million sold items per year.

Our product range

High-quality car parts with a 3-year guarantee

The excellent price to quality ratio meets the requirements of all customers. All our products come from selected manufacturers, where quality is always of greatest importance.

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The brand’s distribution network

The Starline brand is currently active in 17 European countries and it expands its scope every year