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Transmission and wheel drive

Constant-velocity joints, drive shafts and boot kits

The range of parts for the drive transfer includes drive shafts, constant-velocity joints and boot kits. Starline drive shafts are always new, non-reconditioned parts which undergo strict exit quality controls at the production plant. The constant-velocity joints are distinguished by their massive processing with surface tempering of the running surfaces. The package always includes a comprehensive set for the replacement of the joint, including the sleeve and grease. The quality of the materials and the production technology is certifi cated.


Massive processing. Strict exit quality controls. An extended service life. Use in vehicles with and without ABS.


Internal and external constant-velocity joints, drive shafts and boot kits.

Clutches and clutch cables

The Starline range includes both clutch sets and individual parts. The manufacturers are international producers in the area of clutches and they also meet the conditions for so-called heavy-duty loading.


A wide range of clutch sets and components. A stable high level of quality.


Independent parts (pressure plate, clutch plate, clutch bearing). 2-part clutch set. 3-part clutch set.