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Universal components


The range of car bulbs features high quality and reliable bulbs with a long service life.


Flawless fi lament geometry. A long service life. They conform to all light intensity requirements.


Bulbs for main headlights.
Bulbs for indicators.
Bulbs for tail lights.
Bulbs for auxiliary lighting.
Sets of bulbs. Xenon lamps.

Car batteries

Starline car batteries cover the most frequently used battery capacities from 35 Ah to 225 Ah for
passenger, utility and freight vehicles. Due to the use of innovative calcium technology (Ca/Ca), they
only have a small spontaneous discharge and their operation is fully maintenance-free and ecological.
The latest technology is used during their production to guarantee high performance and reliability.


A long service life. A permanently high starting performance. Maintenance-free. Minimum spontaneous discharge. 3-year guarantee.


35 Ah, 12 V, 300 A, right-hand polarity *
35 Ah, 12 V, 300 A, left-hand polarity *
41 Ah, 12 V, 360 A, right-hand polarity
45 Ah, 12 V, 400 A, right-hand polarity
56 Ah, 12 V, 480 A, right-hand polarity
56 Ah, 12 V, 480 A, left-hand polarity
60 Ah, 12 V, 510 A, right-hand polarity *
60 Ah, 12 V, 540 A, right-hand polarity
70 Ah, 12 V, 640 A, right-hand polarity
74 Ah, 12 V, 680 A, right-hand polarity
80 Ah, 12 V, 740 A, right-hand polarity
83 Ah, 12 V, 720 A, right-hand polarity
91 Ah, 12 V, 740 A, right-hand polarity *
91 Ah, 12 V, 740 A, left-hand polarity *
95 Ah, 12 V, 800 A, right-hand polarity
140 Ah, 12 V, 760 A, both fi elds left-hand
180 Ah, 12 V, 1000 A, both fi elds left-hand
225 Ah, 12 V, 1150 A, both fi elds left-hand

*car batteries designed for Asian vehicles


High performance engine and gearbox oils which have earned the trust of many of our customers
thanks to their excellent properties. The wide range of viscosity classes fully covers the climatic
conditions in the whole Europe. The range includes both special motor oils designed with regard to the
high demands of renowned automobile manufacturers and gearbox oils for mechanical and automatic
gearboxes, differentials, axles and transmissions.


Starline oils are distinguished by their high quality and they are supplied in packages with an ergonomic shape which makes them easy to hold and pour.


Motor oils:
15W40 Classic, 15W40 Classic Ultra, 10W40 Vision, 10W40 Vision Diesel, 5W40 Diamond, 5W40 Diamond Ultra, 5W40 Diamond PD, 5W30 Longlife, 5W30 Fluence FO, 5W30 Fluence PS, 5W30 Fluence RE, 0W30 Longlife, 30 Standard.
Packaging: 1, 5, 20, 58 and 208 litres.

Gearbox oils:
Dexron II Gear Automatic, Dexron III Automatic Ultra, 80W90 Gear Metro, 75W90 Gear Synto, 75W90 Gear Synto Ultra, 75W80 Gear Synto Plus, 80W Gear Stentor.
Packaging: 1, 5, 20 and 58 litres.



k11 Antifreeze K11
This type “C” concentrated coolant with a low freezing point is designed for combustion engine cooling systems, especially for all-aluminium engines. The coolant protects the cooling system from freezing and the engine from overheating and from corrosion. It conforms to the VW TL 774 C – G11 standard.
A 3-year replacement interval.


Antifreeze K12

A type “D” concentrated coolant which is mainly suitable for all-aluminium vehicle engines. The coolant contains special anti-corrosive additives with the extended effectiveness of inhibitors which ensure the maximum protection of the cooling system from damage. It is approved for Škoda and VW vehicles. K12 Extra is identical to the original Škoda G12+ coolant. It conforms to the VW TL 774 D/F standard. A 5-year replacement interval.


Antifreeze K12++

This concentrated type “G” coolant is recommended for use in the latest types of combustion engines using aluminium alloys, and especially for the latest engines from the VW concern. The coolant has a low freezing point and it protects the cooling system from extremely low temperatures and from any damage caused by corrosion. K12++ is identical to the original Škoda G12++ coolant.It conforms to the VW TL 774 G standard. A 5-year replacement interval.


Antifreeze K13

Concentrated cooling liquid of a pink color based on monoethylene glycol with organic corrosion inhibitors, low solidifi cation point and extended replacement period of 5 years. Its characteristics are identical to the original G13 cooling liquid, which has been approved for the Škoda vehicles and is fully miscible with these liquids. Complies with standard VW TL 774 J.


Antifreeze K-R for Renault

A specially concentrated coolant with a low freezing point based on ethylene glycol and organic corrosion inhibitors. The coolant is designed for combustion engine cooling systems, especially all-aluminium engines, and it has been specially conceived with regard to the requirements of Renault vehicles. It conforms to the Renault V.I standard. 41-01-001, type D and AFNOR NFR 15-601, ASTMD 3306.


Antifreeze K-A for Asian vehicles

Concentrated cooling liquid that contains phosphate elements, which are typical for the requirements of the Asian car manufacturers. This product is of a dark green color and provides very effi cient anticorrosion protection of the metal parts of the cooling systems of combustion engines. This formula has an extraordinary long replacement periods of up to 10 years or 200,000 driven kilometers. Complies with the following standards: Hyundai/Kia MS 591-08, Honda E-Coolant Green 08CLAG010S0, Mazda C100-CL-005A4X, FL22 Coolant, Nissan L250 Anti-freeze Coolant KE90299944, and Subaru SOA635002 SOA868V9210.



Reduces faults in thermostats, radiators and water pumps. Conforms to the prescribed standards. Very good heat transfer. Dilution ratio 1:1 -37 ˚C.


Antifreeze K11, Antifreeze K12
Packaging: 1 l, 3 l, 25 l, 60 l, 200 l, 1000 l.

Antifreeze K12++, Antifreeze K13, Antifreeze K-R, and Antifreeze KA
Packaging: 1L, 3L and 25L.



A comprehensive range of fl at and classic “jointed” windscreen wipers. Flat Starline windscreen
wipers offer the most extensive range on the market, from which you can choose fl at windscreen
wipers with a universal adapter (All-In-One) or a version with several adapters included.


The high quality of the materials used ensures a long service life and high performance while maintaining low prices.


A wide range, including sets which cover applications for 95% of passenger and utility vehicles in the European fl eet.

Windscreen washer fluid

Starline Screenwash is a high quality fi ller for windscreen washers primarily designed for washing
the windscreens and headlights of all automobiles. Starline washer fl uids not only include standard
summer mixtures, summer mixtures with NANO technology and concentrates, but also washer fl uid frost resistant to -5 ˚C, -20 ˚C, -40 ˚C and -80 ˚C. All of these frost resistant washer fl uids perfectly protect the automobile‘s windscreen washers against freezing. These frost resistant washer fl uids can be used as a concentrate and it is possible to reach the required freezing temperature by means of their suitable dilution.


Excellent cleaning properties. Cleans the remnants of insects, grease and other impurities. They do not damage the paintwork or rubber parts of the body.


Starline Screenwash is supplied in the following packaging: Summer mix: 1 l, 3 l, 25 l, 60 l, 200 l.
Summer concentrate: 250 ml (it can be used to mix up to 25 l of high quality windscreen washer fl uid)
Winter packaging -80 °C, -40 °C, -20 °C, -5 °C: 1 l, 5 l, 25 l, 60 l, 200 l and 1000 l.

Adhesive tapes

A comprehensive range of the most frequently used adhesive tapes which no household or workshop
should be without. There are several types of adhesive tapes with various possible uses (ranging from
tapes designed to insulate wires through to tapes designed to tighten joints). This especially involves
PVC adhesive tapes, masking tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, fabric tape, aluminium tape and
super glue.


Long-term stable adhesiveness, several colours and types, an advantageous price.


PVC adhesive tapes (various colours) – red, blue, green, yellow and black. They have mainly been designed for electricians, for the insulation of electrical wires up to 600 V and 80 °C, they comply with the EN 60454-3-1 standard. Masking tapes of various widths (19, 38 and 50 mm) which are mainly used in paint shops and during various types of masking work. Double-sided adhesive tapes with a width of 15 and 25 mm and a thickness of 1 mm which are designated, for example, for fi xing mouldings onto various automobile parts. The silver fabric tape is high strength and water resistant. This tape is especially used in tight joints. The aluminium tape with fi breglass is mainly used in an environment where it is necessary to protect hot or cold parts from the environs such as in cooling and air conditioning systems, for example.

Hose clips

Starline hose clips are designed for the fast and simple fastening of
pressurised hoses, especially those with small diameters or large
diameter thin-walled hoses. Starline hose clips guarantee suffi cient
pressure along the entire circumference of the hose.


The hose clips are manufactured from zinc coated steel which guarantees a long service life.


The hose clip with an 8.5 mm wide band is designed for a tightening torque of up to 6.0 Nm, while the hose clip with a 10 mm wide band is designed for a tightening torque of up to 9.0 Nm. The standard diameter range is from 8 mm to 130 mm, spring hose clips are available from 8 mm to 60 mm and mini hose clips are available from 6 mm to 15 mm.

Cooling circuit hoses

The range includes almost 100 various cooling circuit hoses for the most commonly sold and most popular
vehicles in the Czech Republic. The range includes various types of hoses which cover almost the entire
cooling circuit. All the hoses undergo strict exit inspections at the manufacturer.


A high quality product corresponding to the original for an attractive aftermarket price. Identical shape and problem-free interchangeability with the original.


Examples of the wide range of hoses: the hose from the radiator to the water pump, from the connecting pipe to the radiator, from the turbocharger to the connecting pipe, from the water pump to the thermostat, from the thermostat to the heating cooler, from the heating cooler to the connecting pipe, from the oil cooler to the connecting pipe, from the expansion tank to the radiator, from the expansion tank to the connecting pipe, from the connecting pipe to the oil cooler and from the connecting pipe to the heating cooler.