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Body components

Air conditioning compressors

A good quality air conditioning compressor is the basis for the fault-free air conditioning system and is
its most important component. Starline air conditioning compressors are suitable replacement for the
original compressor and meet the strictest quality requirements.


PAG oil pre-fi lled and with O-ring. High quality materials.


There are 42 compressors covering the most popular brands and models.

Control cables

The range of Starline control cables includes almost 5,000 items which guarantees coverage of almost
all the models in the Czech Republic. The control cables are sealed with dust caps to prevent the
penetration of impurities.


More than 4,800 items. Manufactured in the EU - fi rst class quality.


Speedometer cables, brake cables, accelerator cables, clutch cables, bonnet cables, choke cables and others.

Gas springs

The range offers two types of gas springs – with hydraulic and dynamic damping. Gas springs with
dynamic damping can be installed in any position whereas gas springs with hydraulic dumping should
be installed with piston rod positioned downwards, to make them work properly. Both types have their
respective applications. The quality of the gas springs has also been confi rmed through certifi cation
according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14000 standards. The strut function is tested and
guaranteed in a temperature range of - 30 °C to +80 °C. Every type of gas spring must withstand
40,000 cycles of expansion and compression at a temperature of 20 °C within the framework of the
fatigue tests as well as hundreds of additional tests at +90 °C and -20 °C. The discharge force must not
fall by more than 12% after the completion of the tests. The protective layer limits the occurrence of


High quality verifi ed through stress tests. The surface is fi nished with a hard chrome or nitride layer.


Over 850 types of gas springs covering 95% of the car park in the Czech Republic.