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Exhaust system

Exhaust and flexible exhaust parts

The suppliers of the Starline exhaust systems are
usually primary production suppliers. All Starline
exhausts are tested for noise and emissions and they
are homologated according to EU standards. There
is constant updating of the types according to the
developments in the fl eet.


An aluminium coated surface. Anti-corrosion protection. Very high quality products for an excellent price.


The front, middle and rear parts of the exhaust system. Flexible parts (bellows).

Exhaust accessories

The accessories for Starline exhaust systems include over 950 clamping/assembly material items
which fully cover the fl eet in the Czech Republic.



Exhaust clamps, sealing rings, suspension components, fl ange gaskets, repair parts.

Catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters (DPF)

The quality of Starline‘s catalytic converters has been verifi ed and certifi ed according to the European
Union. All Starline catalytic converters are homologated. The range includes 1600 types of direct fi t
catalytic converters (catalytic converters with precise designation for a given type of vehicle), 30 types
of universal catalytic converters and more than 130 diesel particulate fi lters.


The majority of Starline catalytic converters contain a metal insert (instead of a ceramic one) which guarantees better functionality, a longer service life and resistance to damage to the catalytic converter. All of the catalytic converters are supplied with assembly accessories.


Catalytic converters. Universal catalytic converters. Diesel particulate fi lters (DPF).