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k11 Antifreeze K11 This type “C” concentrated coolant with a low freezing point is designed for combustion engine cooling systems, especially for all-aluminium engines. The coolant protects the cooling system from freezing and the engine from overheating and from corrosion. It conforms to the VW TL 774 C – G11 standard. A 3-year replacement interval.
k12 Antifreeze K12 A type “D” concentrated coolant which is mainly suitable for all-aluminium vehicle engines. The coolant contains special anti-corrosive additives with the extended effectiveness of inhibitors which ensure the maximum protection of the cooling system from damage. It is approved for Škoda and VW vehicles. K12 Extra is identical to the original Škoda G12+ coolant. It conforms to the VW TL 774 D/F standard. A 5-year replacement interval.
k12++ Antifreeze K12++ This concentrated type “G” coolant is recommended for use in the latest types of combustion engines using aluminium alloys, and especially for the latest engines from the VW concern. The coolant has a low freezing point and it protects the cooling system from extremely low temperatures and from any damage caused by corrosion. K12++ is identical to the original Škoda G12++ coolant.It conforms to the VW TL 774 G standard. A 5-year replacement interval.
k13 Antifreeze K13 Concentrated cooling liquid of a pink color based on monoethylene glycol with organic corrosion inhibitors, low solidifi cation point and extended replacement period of 5 years. Its characteristics are identical to the original G13 cooling liquid, which has been approved for the Škoda vehicles and is fully miscible with these liquids. Complies with standard VW TL 774 J.
kr Antifreeze K-R for Renault A specially concentrated coolant with a low freezing point based on ethylene glycol and organic corrosion inhibitors. The coolant is designed for combustion engine cooling systems, especially all-aluminium engines, and it has been specially conceived with regard to the requirements of Renault vehicles. It conforms to the Renault V.I standard. 41-01-001, type D and AFNOR NFR 15-601, ASTMD 3306.
ka Antifreeze K-A for Asian vehicles Concentrated cooling liquid that contains phosphate elements, which are typical for the requirements of the Asian car manufacturers. This product is of a dark green color and provides very effi cient anticorrosion protection of the metal parts of the cooling systems of combustion engines. This formula has an extraordinary long replacement periods of up to 10 years or 200,000 driven kilometers. Complies with the following standards: Hyundai/Kia MS 591-08, Honda E-Coolant Green 08CLAG010S0, Mazda C100-CL-005A4X, FL22 Coolant, Nissan L250 Anti-freeze Coolant KE90299944, and Subaru SOA635002 SOA868V9210.