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Engine parts


The range includes oil, air, fuel and cabin fi lters. The modern production technology used for oil
fi lters guarantees that they can also be used during so-called long-life oil changes, i.e. using modern
oils including low viscosity oils. The air fi lters ensure the optimum cleanliness of the intake air. The
fuel fi lters capture microscopic impurities in the fuel and in doing so they extend the service life and
reliability of the injection equipment and carburettors. Cabin fi lters eff ectively limit the penetration
of unwanted impurities into the cabin. They prevent the symptoms of tiredness and allergies and
generally increase trip comfort.


The high quality of the production process is constantly verifi ed. Filters for a very favourable price. The range includes fi lters which are not only for vehicles over 6 years of age.


Oil fi lters. Air fi lters. Fuel fi lters. Cabin fi lters with and without activated carbon.


Engine mountings

The range includes engine and gearbox mountings. The manufacturers are certifi cated and experienced and they have more than 30 years of experience in the area of engine mountings production and they meet the strictest conditions.


A wide range of rubber, rubber-metal and hydraulic engine mountings.


Engine and gearbox mountings.

Alternator and crankshaft pulleys

The range includes more than 100 of the best selling types of sprung crankshaft pulleys and free
running alternator pulleys.


The high quality of European manufacturers.


Volnoběžné řemenice alternátorů. Odpružené řemenice klikových hřídelů.


Timing belt, V-Belts and ribbed belts

Our range includes a very wide variety of v-belts, ribbed belts and timing belts for the most common
models and types of passenger vehicles and vans. The construction of the v-belts reduces belt noise and
prevents slackness. The very strong traction layer in the v-belts resists tiredness and shock loading. The
order codes contain direct information on the type of belt (the dimensions and number of grooves).


More than 300 items in the range. Easy code identifi cation. Increased adhesion = highly effi cient power transmission. Timing belts at the quality of primary production.


V-belts, poly V-belts, timing belts.

Tensioning pulleys

The range of this sortiment includes fi xed pulleys, guide pullyes, defl ection rollers. The extensive range
of tensioners is constantly renewed and updated, enhanced by new additions for a comprehensive
selection which guarantees greater coverage of our customers‘ needs.


The offer contains more than 250 items.


Tensioning pulleys – fi xed pulleys, guide pullyes, defl ection rollers.



A comprehensive range of thermostats manufactured in modern plants which adhere to strict
quality management standards. Thanks to their easy availability, quality and attractive price,
Starline thermostats provide both time savings and financial savings when repairing automobiles.
The range contains more than 250 items which ensure coverage for the majority of the vehicles in


A long service life. Very good quality. Excellent accessibility. Attractive prices.


Thermostats with or without sealing gasket.

Water pumps

A good quality water pump is the basis for the fault-free operation of both the cooling system and the
engine. Starline water pumps are designed to last for a long time between changes.


Trouble-free operation during continuous loading. High quality materials.


There are more than 450 items in the range for vehicles in the European fleet.


Ignition cable sets

Starline offers more than 600 sets of cables which fully cover all models in the Czech Republic. The ignition
cable construction has been adapted to adhere to the requirements for the smallest possible energy loss
during transmission. The core of the cable secures a primary path for the electrical current and it consists
of different materials (copper, resistant, inductive). The internal insulation with a tape layer then fulfi ls the
function of electrical insulation and improves the mechanical properties when fl exed. The external cover
protects the core, including the insulation, against the infl uence of the working environment (it ensures
resistance against oil, petrol, acids, water vapour and so on ), but it also protects it against thermal loading
in the range from -40°C to +200 °C, depending on the material used (CM, EVA, silicon).


Minimum transmission energy loss. Internal insulation with a tape layer. Resistance against oil, petrol, acids, water vapour, high and low temperatures and so on. The cable is imported from the USA without the endings.


Cables with a resistant core. Cables with an inductive core. Cables with a copper core.

Glow plugs

Starline glow plugs are fully comparable with products from the most important international
manufacturers, especially as far as the quality, implementation, technology and materials used
during production are concerned. The construction and production technology are based on extremely
demanding requirements for the lowest possible emissions and fuel consumption, the longest possible
interval between glow plug replacement and the “most cultivated” starts even during demanding
winter conditions.


A long service life. Excellent self-regulating properties. Low energy consumption. A short warm up period after start up. A wide range for all models of vehicles. Optimum development.